little bernicelittle bernice

about me? well, first off, my favorite holiday is halloween. in fact, i think it should be halloween 365 days a year – 24/7! i’m starting a campaign to make it halloween every day of the year – wanna sign up?

i’m in the 6th grade and my favorite classes are science and biology – especially when they talk about skeletons and dinosaurs and bats and brains and gunk!

i actually like vegetables like potato chips, popcorn balls, apple cider, and candy corn. but my mom is always on me about broccoli. i guess it’s okay – at least it’s green and looks bumpy and weird.

my favorite hobbies are fortune telling and carving pumpkins and watching monster movies. my favorite characters are dracula, frankenstein, and the wolfman. and when i dress up i’m usually a witch or a vampire or a ghost. i mean, you have to be scary for halloween, right?






hi! i’m little bernice’s brother.

my favorite holiday is halloween, too.

i’m in the 1st grade and my favorite classes are – all of them! except for gym. and dodge ball.

i like candy corn. and pumpkin seeds. and gummy worms. and mashed potatoes and pizza.

my favorite hobbies are building models and zombies. well, not building zombies. i just like them. and carving pumpkins.

my favorite costume is being a pirate or a ghost or a zombie.




danny dingodanny dingo

hi! my name is danny. i’m in hamilton’s class and we’re best friends.

i like halloween. i’ve got this great costume, can’t you tell? i’m a dingo! anybody can be a wolf, but dingos are way cooler and meaner.

i hope bernice likes it.









hey, all you tricksters and treatsters! i am the ray-man, raymond!

i am one of hamilton’s best friends and confident when it comes to all things halloween.

sometimes i’m there and sometimes i’m not – i’m a “now-you-see-me-and-now-you-don’t” kinda guy. but whenever hamilton needs me, i’m always there – so watch out! i’ve got my eye on you!